A canadian towboat on standby for Canadian Coastal Services wianting to provide marine assistance.

M.A.P.™ is Ontario's Marine Assistance Plan




M.A.P.™ is the marine assistance plan with options, giving you the ability to transform the program to meet your own special needs. Each enrollment starts with the M.A.P.™ Basics membership which immediately moves you to the front of the line over non-members when you call for services from Canada's Towboat®. Basic members will also enjoy the ability to save a little money now, and lot of money later with a 50% discount from Canada's Towboat® for marine towing, battery boosting and fuel delivery services within their current service areas.


For those that prefer towing included in their membership, we have released the new Slide-By Towing™ option. For an additional $50 members can rest easy knowing that they will receive up to 5 hours of non emergency marine assistance services from Canada's Towboat® anywhere on the Detroit River and in the Canadian waters of Lake St. Clair and lower bowl of Western Lake Erie and may also qualify for up to 5 hours of marine assistance protection from a CCS™ approved third party Ontario registered and insured commercial marine towing company operating on the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes not serviced by Canada's Towboat®. See the "terms and conditions".


Best of all, Slide-By Towing™ members that make it through the 2021 season breakdown free will enjoy a $25 discount on the 2022 Slide-By Towing™ renewal.


Enrollments are processed entirely on-line leaving you in control at all times. There is no membership card to worry about forgetting at home and you can log in day or night to check on the status of your membership.

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